Apostle Abraham John / Founder & President

Abraham John is an internationally known author and conference speaker. His calling is to preach the gospel of the kingdom in every nation and too equip the body of Christ to administer God’s kingdom on earth. He has been to forty countries, ministering in churches and conferences. Furthermore, Abraham has also authored more than twenty books on the subject of The Kingdom of God. ReDiscovering the Lost Kingdom, Recognizing God’s Timing for Your Life, The Power and Authority of the Church, and Kingdom Secrets to Restoring Nations Back to God are a few of his best-selling books. Finally, he is also the founder and president of Maximum Impact Ministries.

Abraham has been graced with an apostolic and governmental calling to put things back into God’s original order and design. His passion is to see the body of Christ united and the true church manifest on earth. The Holy Spirit has given him the key to crack the purpose code. This is one of the unique annointings upon his life is to help people identify their individual calling and gifts and release them to fulfill their purpose. His teaching and practical training help the body of Christ to restore and disciple nations. He has been a guest on several TV shows including Praise the Lord on TBN and other local channels. Abraham started an online TV channel called “The Kingdom Network”. Abraham John and his family live in Denver, Colorado.

Dr. Bruce Cook 

Dr. Bruce Cook is an Apostle, Prophet, local church elder, entrepreneur, investor, author, and publisher.  He is also a speaker, singer and songwriter, conference convener, husband, father, and grandfather. Dr. Cook lives in Lakebay, Washington. His business resume includes significant experience in private equity investments, business development, and marketing. For that reason, he also is involved with corporate communications, branding, media relations, advertising, business consulting, and fundraising. He is the President and Founder of VentureAdvisers.com Inc., Kingdom Economic Yearly Summit (KEYS), KEYS Network, Kingdom House Publishing, and Glory Realm Ministries. Finally, in addition to the above, he is a director or trustee of WorkLife, The Glory House Ministries, Indigenous People’s Foundation, First State Manufacturing LLC, Gig Harbor Family Church, and NACC.

John J. Anderson II

John J. Anderson II brings more than 40 years of solid business experience to each client engagement and board assignment. An accomplished consultant, his recent assignments included the creation of Strategic Business Plans for ventures in the Pharmaceutical, Algae Culture, and Water Treatment. Mr Anderson also created business strategies for Water Treatment, Shrimp Farming, Road Construction, Equipment Manufacturing, Social Media, Media Distribution, and Counter-terrorism spaces. An accomplished executive, John Anderson has served as CEO or COO in ventures ranging from global asset tracking, intelligent video analytics, energy management, electronic commerce, cargo security, to pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. In each of these firms, he played a key role in framing and prosecuting the company’s intellectual property strategy. John is also a board member of Kingdom Congressional International Alliance KCIA.

Mr. Anderson is Founder and Executive Chairman of Global Development Partners [GDP]. He serves as a director of Erudite Inc., WM Moss Jr. Corporation, Silverstone Pharmecuticals, and Cylliance Corporation. He also serves as director or advisor to not-for-profit groups including NET Ministries, Life Academy’s Math and Science Institute, and Adoption Advocates. He is a technology advisor to Congressman Adam Smith (D-WA).

Pastor Michael Obi

Pastor Michael Obi is the National Coordinator of the African Strategic Leadership Prayer Network (ASLPN). He is a Cabinet Member of the Awakening America Alliance, representing the African continent. Michael is also the Pastor of Mount Zion Prayer Center Church in Cleveland Tennessee and serves in many other organizations, mostly in the area of Prayer. Michael Obi resides with his family in Cleveland Tennessee.

Brigette Marx

Brigette Marx is the founder of AM Ministries and SA Unite In Christ. She is the author of The Seven Heavenly Courts, International Guarding and Operations and other course material and Theology Books. Ms Marx has a call and mandate for media and had her own program “Secret Whispers of God”. Bridgette has been interviewed on multiple christian TV and Radio programs. Ms. Marx is zealous about the prophetic voice reaching businessmen and women of this era. She truly sees and has insight into the significant role that a king has to play in the twenty first century in order to gain territory for the glory of God. Brigette took up her calling for ministry at the age of thirteen when she clearly heard God call her by her name . At the age of sixteen she started training under her father Apostle Eugene Marais. It was during this time that she grew more in prophetic insight and in counseling. By the time she was seventeen years old she enthusiastically joined business college. It was in this season that she learnt the basic building blocks in business operations and systems as well as business management and entrepreneurship.

With qualifications in business management and an anointing for prophetic governance, Brigette spends most of her time sharing what she has learned. She does this through seminars, lecturing, public speaking and counseling others nationally and aboard. Over the past few years, the Lord has been radically training Brigette in respect to the heavenly courts. This has made a remarkable impact on the body of Christ. God has given her a unique detailed perspective on the heavenly courts; on how they work together and how they align for His glory. With the avid ability to see and hear in the supernatural realm she has had the opportunity to be used by God to represent kings, individuals, her nation and other countries. She is a visionary far beyond her years with a phenomenal gift of wisdom from the Lord that is there to equip, fortify and help bring prophetic alignment to the body of Christ.

Dr. Ronnie Masilela

Dr Ronnie Masilela worked from 1982-1992 at SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation) as a radio commentator in the IsiZulu language. It is the largest radio station in Africa, with an audience of 7-8 million listeners. He left broadcasting after 10 years and at 37 years old to study Medicine, which he completed in April 2000. From 2000-2005 he worked at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital. Ronnie has since worked at 3 different hospitals as Hospital Manager, one being the Addington Hospital in KZN in Durban. As a result, he is currently the CEO of Heidelberg Hospital located 45 km south of Johannesburg. Ronnie is a pastor of The Living Gospel Church in Soweto, which has 10 other branches located between Johannesburg and Pretoria. Hence, Dr. Masilela also has wrote his life story in a book called “I Can’t Believe It’s Not A Dream”.