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About Our Ministry

Welcome to our website.  I’m Abraham John, Founder and President of The Kingdom Network. Our organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry that was developed for the purpose of discipling nations globally. Consequently, we do this with the gospel of The Kingdom, (Matthew 24:14 & 28:19).

Furthermore, our ultimate goal is to administer the Kingdom of God here on earth to reach everyone that has ears to hear. Hence, if we are to win nations to Christ (which is God’s heart), we need to preach the gospel of the Kingdom. We are also to do Kingdom Evangelism. Above all, that’s exactly what we do!

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The Gospel Of The Kingdom

Have you ever wondered why Jesus and the apostles preached the gospel of the kingdom wherever they went? Most believers have difficulty trying to explain the gospel of the kingdom. They say things like, healing, miracles, revival, church, or even the rapture. Though they are all in the kingdom, none of those are part of the definition of the Kingdom of God.

The whole bible is about a King, His Royal family, and His plan for planet earth.

What was in the mind of God when He decided to create this planet that we live on, and then create mankind?

If our God wanted a family, why didn’t He create us and keep us with Him in heaven?

If God wanted a choir in heaven singing to Him, why didn’t He keep us there to sing to Him?

The entire Bible (and our life) hangs on two fundamental truths:

• The first is that our God is a King; He has a kingdom and He wants to see it come to this planet earth. That is the simple definition of the gospel of the kingdom. To accomplish that purpose, He created a species in His image and likeness and entrusted us with that task.

Every other doctrine in the Bible should fit under that one BIG doctrine. If we do not establish that as the foundation, then nothing else will work for us.

• The second fundamental truth is that the species God entrusted to accomplish that task failed in their mission, or fell from their position. They were deceived by an enemy kingdom, which then stole everything God had given to them. To restore everything we lost as a result of that failure, or Adam’s fall, God came up with a plan called salvation. Salvation is all about restoring mankind to their original intent. Once you are saved, you are supposed to go back to where you fell from; you did not fall from heaven or from singing in a choir!

If we do not understand and keep those two fundamental truths close to our hearts, the enemy will continue to deceive and steal everything God has given us. The book you see on the back page was written to end this menace that’s been going on for generations; to empower the body of Christ to rise up and become everything God created us to be; and to keep the enemy where he belongs.

There is nothing new that God is trying to do on this planet; His plan remains the same for all eternity. When we align ourselves with His plan and purpose, then, for the first time, life will become meaningful.

We are pleased to announce the newest member of the Kingdom Awareness Series. The Gospel of the Kingdom, hope for the church and the world book. This may be the most important book God has ever given me to write. It is ready for you to pre-order and save some money. The book was officially released on August 15th. Get your first release version today!

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