Kingdom Awareness Conferences

There is a specific reason Jesus preached about the kingdom more than any other subject. He did not tell us to pray for revival. He taught us to pray for His kingdom to come. Though the word “kingdom” is buzzword of our day, very few understand what it really means and its significance to our life right now. 

Everything Jesus said and did was about His kingdom.

He said to REPENT because His kingdom was coming to earth (Matthew 4:17).

He told us to SEEK His kingdom FIRST, before we seek anything else (Matthew 6:33).

He told us to PREACH the gospel of the kingdom for the end to come (Matthew 24:14).

He taught that when we are born again we are supposed to SEE His kingdom (John 3:3). 

Whether you realize it yet or not, your heart has been searching for a lost kingdom. Until you find it, you will never really be happy on this earth. It doesn’t matter who you are, which country you live in, how much wealth you possess, which religion you practice, or what type of church you attend; nothing will satisfy you or be an adequate substitute. You were created to live in a kingdom. Religion made us believe that we are trying to get to heaven. 

If you would like us to come and do a Kingdom Awareness Conference, please contact us. 

Duration: 1 to 3 days
Delegates: Small groups to any number
Cost: Call for more information 1 (800) 558-5020

Christian Business Into Kingdom Business

There is a difference between businesses that make money and kingdom businesses. I thought that all businesses that made money and gave tithes and supported evangelism were kingdom businesses. The Holy Spirit said they are not. If a business only supports winning souls to Christ, they are not helping God’s kingdom on earth. They are only saving people to go to heaven. This is because in most parts of the world the gospel that most people preach is the religious, or the salvation, gospel, not the gospel of the kingdom. 

There is a big difference between kingdom businesses and regular businesses. A kingdom business is a business that is committed to advancing God’s kingdom on earth: to see His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. That is the reason they are established and exist. There are Christian businesses that support ministries greatly, but they are not necessarily kingdom businesses. There is a difference between helping to do evangelism and seeing God’s will done in a nation as it is in heaven, though a kingdom business will support world missions and evangelism as well.

A kingdom business is a business that helps solve a nation or community’s problems. Kingdom business and kingdom evangelism are connected because one of the ways you do kingdom evangelism is through kingdom business. 

How do we transition a business from a Christian business to kingdom business? There are FOUR clear steps to take to cause that transition. As a ministry, we will come in and train you to do that. God is looking for kingdom businesses and businessmen to transfer His wealth to and solve a nation’s problems. If you sense in your spirit that you are one of those individuals, please contact us. 

And, if you would like us to come and coach you on how to transition your business into a kingdom business please contact us. 

Duration: 1 Day
Delegates: Any number
Cost: Call for more information 1 (800) 558-5020

Christian Church into a Kingdom Ekklesia

We believe the local church is the hope for the nations. There was a time when I believed that if there were more churches and Christians in a community, things would be better or different. I have seen towns and cities in which there is a church on every street corner, but hell is flourishing under their noses. I wondered why. That’s when the Holy Spirit began to speak to me. He said, “A church without His kingdom is powerless.” 

If you are a pastor or a leader of a church, I believe your heart is to reach your town, city, or nation. Most churches are not fulfilling the vision God gave them. They fell into a religious routine and are stuck. We are not supposed to function apart from God’s kingdom. 

There is a specific reason Jesus waited until close to the end of His ministry to talk about the church to His disciples. The rest of the time He taught and preached about the kingdom of God. 

If you are tired of religion and would like us to come and help you transition from a Christian church into God’s kingdom Ekklesia, please let us know. We have resources to completely transform your church, starting from the children’s ministry all the way to the top, so that within ten to fifteen years of time you will be able to fulfill the vision God has given you and impact your city for God. 

We can also help start new kingdom Ekklesia anywhere in the world. If you would like to conduct a conference on how to transition a Christian church into a kingdom Ekklesia, please contact us. 

Duration: 2-3 Days
Delegates: Any number
Cost: Call for more information 1 (800) 558-5020

Discovering Purpose and Releasing Destinies

As a ministry, we are committed to helping as many people as possible discover their purpose, calling, and gifts. The Holy Spirit helped me crack the code of purpose and now I can help anyone find their purpose in less than five minutes. That is good news!

Discovering Your Purpose and Calling is Important for the Following Reasons:

Your provision is connected to your calling

Your financial blessing is attached to your calling. The reason for poverty on earth is because people do not know their purpose and calling. Many nations think population is the problem, and the reason for poverty. Population is not the problem. Productivity is the problem. People not knowing their purpose is the real problem. Many developed nations believe they do not have enough people to do the work, so they allow people from other nations to immigrate to their countries.

Your provision is in the place of your calling

Your calling is also connected to a place. Once you discover your calling, you need to know where you are supposed to fulfill it. Depending on the season of your life, and your purpose, you might be required to move to a new location if it is the geographic will of God. Many miss God because they are hesitant to move when they should. Each person has a specific place and nation where they are supposed to fulfill their purpose.

Calling gives you freedom

We all like having the freedom to do what is important to us. We like to see other places and help other people. When you are doing what you were created to do, it frees you up from being a slave to a system or being tied to a mundane schedule. Once you discover your calling, you will be able to create your own schedule. 

Calling gives you fulfillment

Nothing else gives you more satisfaction and fulfillment than doing what you were created to do. Many people are not satisfied and feel unfulfilled, so they try to find fulfillment in the wrong places. Some feel they need a hobby to make them happy.

Calling gives you significance

I hope you remember the seven basic needs I mentionend earlier that every human is looking to meet. One of those is the need to feel significant. The solution to feeling insignificant is to discover your calling and gifts. When you have a calling that is different from everyone else’s, it naturally makes you feel significant. People in the world do all kinds of crazy things to be appreciated and noticed by others. They are trying to fill that need for significance. 

Calling gives you direction and focus

Many people do many things, but they do not do anything well because they do not have any focus. Every journey has a destination. Your life has a destiny, which is your destination. When you know what you are supposed to do, you can focus on it. It also gives you direction about where to go with your life.

Calling gives you boundaries

Everything God created has a boundary. Jesus said the path to life is narrow and difficult (Matthew 7:14). It means that living dedicated to your purpose is not easy. Your calling keeps you undistracted and on a narrow path.

Purpose Will Stop Much of the Evil That is Going On in the Nations

Where there is poverty and lack of purpose, there is an increased rate of crime and all sorts of evil. When people do not know their purpose, they have nothing to do with their time. As the old adage goes, “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” When people discover their purpose, they will be busy working to fulfill it and have no time for anything else. The reason for poverty, drug abuse, rape, divorce, theft, gangs, terrorism, corruption, and all the evil in the world stems from people not knowing their purpose. When people discover their purpose, most of these social problems will disappear from our society.

As a ministry, we delight in releasing people to fulfill their destinies. 

If you would like to host a Discovering Purpose and Releasing Destiny Conference, please contact us.

Duration: 1-3 Days
Delegates: Any number
Cost: Call for more information 1 (800) 558-5020


There is much talk about discipleship, but only a very few understand what real discipleship is. Many understand the religious side of discipleship: sharing the gospel, prayer, reading the Word, worship, etc. But that is not all there is to discipleship. How did Jesus disciple the twelve? Did He have a program or a checklist of things they had to follow every day? A disciple is a learner or a student, someone who is teachable and wants to learn. Without that hunger to learn you will never be a disciple, even if you sell your house to give to a ministry. Most discipleship programs of today are geared toward making people more religious or implementing more spiritual disciplines. That is only a small part of discipleship. 

Everywhere I go I meet people who are unhappy with the direction their cities and nations are headed. They are not happy about what is happening in their schools and neighborhoods. They are helpless, and all they do is complain and murmur.

Jesus said, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19). We call that the Great Commission. 

For a long time I understood this as if Jesus said, “Go therefore and make disciples from all nations.” I always focused on an individual mandate. Jesus did not give an individual mandate; He gave a national mandate: discipling nations. He did not say from all nations but of all nations. We are supposed to disciple nations. How do we do that? Is that even possible in our day and age? 

How did the early church disciple nations like Syria, Turkey, and many present-day western countries that were once Christian? When the church lost its purpose and became a mere building and religious entity, instead of functioning as a kingdom embassy, we lost nations and cities. 

Though there are thousands of religious entities (more churches exist today than at any other time in the history of Christianity) functioning on almost every corner, they have no influence over what is happening, either in the spiritual or natural realm. We have left our first love (Jesus), our first mandate (to rule and reign on earth), and the Great Commission (to disciple nations). 

When we talk about discipling nations and cities, it may seem like an impossible dream to many, but let me tell you that nothing is impossible with our God. The problem is that we lack the capacity to believe Him to do something. God is looking for a group of people to believe for something that only He can do; but we are so programmed in our religious and rapture mindset that when we hear anything contrary, we have a tendency to oppose it. 

How did the early church disciple cities like Ephesus, Corinth, and Rome? Idol worshippers, temples, and government institutions were brought under the feet of Jesus. We are not talking about something new here. What I am sharing has happened before in history; and if it happened once, there is the possibility of it happening again. 

If we do not disciple our nations, someone else will do it. The devil will use his children to disciple our cities and nations, and our children. There is no point in blaming anyone for how things are going in our nations because we let it happen. 

If you would like us to come and train you on how to implement an effective discipleship program in your church or business, please let us know. 

Duration: 1-3 Days
Delegates: Any number
Cost: Call for more information 1 (800) 558-5020

Discipling Nations

As disciples are released into their destinies, they must focus on releasing the destinies of their cities and nations. Most Christians have no vision for their own country. They only have a vision for heaven and are longing to walk on streets of gold and live in their heavenly mansions. They are looking for something for free. 

Every discipleship program needs to be geared toward one purpose, which is eventually to disciple nations. For too long, our discipleship programs have been focused on producing good Christians, and most of them were useless to their countries. There is no such discipleship in the Bible. Many believers are waiting to go to heaven and are more concerned about what is happening in heaven than on earth. 

Now the question is: How do we disciple nations? 

When we release people into their destiny, we are helping to fulfill the destiny of that nation. How do we release people into their destinies? 

• By helping them discover their purpose 

• By helping them realize their calling 

• By helping them identify their gifts or by imparting gifts

In the same way that every individual has a divine destiny, each town, city, and nation also has its own destiny. Believers need to receive a blueprint from heaven for their towns and cities and then manifest or build according to the blueprint God has for them, making each aspect of those cities as it is in heaven. 

Who is discipling our cities and nations right now? Is it a particular business? The entertainment industry? The education system? 

If you would like to know how to establish a kingdom nation or city, we are more than happy to come and equip you to do that. 

Duration: 3 Days
Delegates: Any number
Cost: Call for more information 1 (800) 558-5020

Children’s Ministry Curriculum

One of the most important ministries in your church is the children’s ministry because those children are the future of your church, and our nation. But if you look around in churches today the majority are over fifty years old. We are losing a generation. Children’s ministry staff are the least trained or equipped people. Most children’s ministries are not any better than a day care center or a play school. 

God has given us tools to train up a child in the way he/she should go, so that when they get old they will not depart from God. We are in the process of developing a children’s ministry curriculum that will help any church turn its children’s department into an incubator for future leaders. We have something to start with.

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