Lindsey Seale, London England

Pastor Mark Amir, Bangkok Thailand

Bishop Augustine Nwodika, Nigeria

Philip, Kenya

Darren Moyer, Denver CO

Caroline, Utah

People everywhere are dissatisfied with the church as usual. They are looking for something real that will satisfy their spiritual hunger. This book is designed to help you navigate through the transition into the real thing.

If we are not careful during this transition, it is possible for believers to be disillusioned or deceived by the cunning craftiness of the religious spirit.

The Ekklesia: Purpose, Power, and Function, a new release from Abraham John, will help you discover the true church Jesus established and become a part of it


• What is the church?

• What was the picture that came to the disciples’ minds when Jesus mentioned the church for the first time?

• Why did the first century churchs apostles established, and the seven churches mentioned in the book of Revelation, cease to exist?

• Why doesn’t the Bible ever mention the physical building when referring to the church?


• What does Ekklesia really mean?

• The purpose of the Church

• How to disciple a nation?

• Why God so loved the world (the kosmos)?

• Why Jesus mentioned the gates of hell in relation to building His church?

• How to identify the gates of hell that are operating against your life and in your society, and destroy their plans before they manifest in the natural?

The Greek word used for church by Jesus is Ekklesia, but it does not mean church as we know it today. The word church was adopted by the King James Bible Translators and it has nothing to do with the Ekklesia Jesus said He would build.

Jesus never intended for His church to become a religion or a particular denomination. He wanted His church to be a spiritual and political governing body, lawful assembly, or force, on earth. We know this because the Greek word Ekklesia, used for church by Jesus, was a political term used in the governments of those days.